love - September 26th - October 2nd

A recent breakup could be the impetus for real change in this phase. You are ready to get in touch with your spiritual center. Take a long journey with someone you trust such as a mentor or teacher and be open to the insights you encounter. You may find your presence truly appreciated in a new group or club. A flirtatious encounter could lead to something more. Check in on family who may need your assistance with a concern or problem right now.

Enjoy the results of all your hard work. A steady approach will continue to pay off, including at home where conflict could arise. Rather than leaping into what you desire, make decisions with care. You are full of ambition financially and full of passion romantically. You may not be looking for an actual commitment but you are ready to enjoy the thrill of the chase. Conflicts may intensify but can be defused by the right words and strategy. Leaning on your more spiritual side and your calm mind for guidance right now. The desired results will be yours if you do.

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