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About Celeste

My name is Celeste, and I am a clairvoyant, empath, lightworker, healer, tarot reader and angel communicator with over thirty years of experience. If you need answers, seek the truth, need friendly support or find yourself at a crossroads, let me guide you and give you the clarity you are looking for.


Tarot can provide an illuminating mirror to reveal who you were, are, and are becoming. I can put your story into a greater context and extract life lessons, wisdom to create more self-awareness and clarity.


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Chat with me live right now. Just 3 minutes can mean the difference between having peace of mind, or yet another day of unrest and inner-turmoil.


Psychic Readings

I will answer all your burning questions! Love, relationships, health, career, happiness, finance, money and much more. Get your clarity and peace of mind today.

Get my guidance on your future

I am able to help people from all walks of life and have developed my gift over many years always looking to go that one step further in giving guidance and clarity. Love expert, intuitive, honest, accurate, fast. You can find answers and clarity in all situations. Knowledge is power. I can show you the bigger picture, there is always a way to become happier and more successful.

  • Is my loved one going to marry me?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Is he/she the one for me?
  • Will I have children and a happy family?
  • Should I leave this job?
  • Will I be succesful and live in financial abundance?
  • Will I find my soulmate?
  • Will my ex and me get back together?
  • What is my true purpose in life?

The answers to these questions and many others can be revealed to you directly from my Spirit Guides. In every difficult situation, I can show you the solution. I will help you manifest your destiny as you align yourself with the truth and desires you may have. There is always hope, even in the middle of the worst storm. I am here to shine light in your life. I will connect with my Spirits to find your true path. I am a clairvoyant, lightworker, healer, tarot reader and angel communicator.

Experience & qualifications

34 Years of Experience. My readings have brought peace and understanding to many through the years. I have given guidance to those looking for answers and comfort in times of stress. I can help you navigate your life to follow a Spiritual Path which leads to harmony.

You will receive practical, prophetic insight, into the more challenging happenings of life. Just 3 minutes can mean the difference between having peace of mind, or yet another day of unrest and inner-turmoil.

Will you step out of your frustration and confusion, and allow the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened?