career - September 26th - October 2nd

Bosses or authority figures suddenly join your crowd of supporters. Your charisma and charm serve you well in social interactions this week. You are ready to connect with people and network to achieve your goals. Career transformation is a possibility this week as travel expands your social world and educational horizons. Take care with worldly belongings in order to avoid loss or theft. A talk with a teacher or mentor could be useful in mapping out the path forward for yourself.

Real material rewards await you now. After all your hard work you can savor some overdue prestige and power. You are finally recognized for all the effort you have been putting in. Invest wisely; don't gamble away recent gains. Get rich quick is not a real possibility. Prevent a major loss by remaining sensible. Don't chase cheap emotional thrills. A peaceful stance at work will help resolve any conflicts at home as well. Being calm will see you through a turbulent but rewarding week.

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