September 26th - October 2nd

This is a moment of good fortune for you. You find it easy to make friends and your personality draws others to you at organizations and events. Networking comes easy to you now. Long distance travel is a possibility, perhaps in the company of a sibling. Take extra care while planning in order to be on guard against loss, theft or accidents. Some legal matters need to get resolved now, perhaps leading to some restrictions. A complete transformation of your career is possible now. Reach out to the many who wish you well.

Just when you think you can enjoy the glare of publicity, you have to turn around and put some more twirl on your tale to satisfy the spectators. The image you project on the world may need some polishing and you have to resolve differences of opinion on your status. But, a few stumbling blocks well attended to now will open up a path of clear sailing down the road.

Part of this may be that you haven't really picked up the smaller stitches because you've not quite got the bigger picture in focus. The pressures continue to be huge, but they are no longer oppressive, since you've learnt to handle them. At the least, you'll recognize your own true worth, and rely on your own resources, maybe even set up an individual unit, work from home, whatever.

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