career - Horoscope 2021

  • Expect fluctuating and unstable cash flow. Try to put your expenses in line with your income and make a wise use of extra money that you may grab as opportunities arise. 
  • Sudden and shocking developments are inevitable at work, and conflicts can arise between bosses, partners and supervisors or with customers, suppliers and regulatory agencies. 
  • Inheritance, taxes (and refunds), gifts, research grants, scholarships and even insurance claims are in focus in 2021.
  • Foreign connections and opportunities will be profitable as well as investments in IT and online businesses, or even a new smartphone is in the cards for you, dear Libra.
  • Interesting developments in store for father-like figures, bosses, those in power and authority. Their fortunes will move from one end to the other end, from health concerns to discovering a pot of gold.

Explore some new opportunities sensibly. Consult with an agent or broker before sinking any personal monetary reserves into an ambition. Though 2021 is an auspicious year to go after some dearly held dreams and ambitions, you need to proceed smartly. You may have been dealing with extra stress at the workplace. Let yourself have a breather. Keep an open mind when dealing with multiple perspective on a controversial issue. Office politics are especially thorny and tough to navigate but you are up to the task. The sea change you are seeking is within your grasp. Trust you gut. And despite stress, retain a sense of humor. The sense of peace that results will help you clear your mind to seize new opportunities.

You are needed to make a monetary decision that feels risky so before you make your final call really weigh the pros and cons. What is decided cannot be easily undone. You need to be strategic, even a bit austere with your goals and needs. Tensions and tempers are running high in the workplace. Do all you can to just stay out of the fray. If it doesn’t involve you directly there is no point jumping into the argument. You have an eye on what you see is the competition but really the only true competition should be with yourself. You have many duties to attend to and you are juggling tasks well. There could be ways to fine-tune, habits to drop. Overall, you are achieving career ambitions. Don’t let workplace drama get you down.

You are looking for new experiences, eager for opportunities to travel. These could arise, bringing with them the chance to visit distant locales and learn more about different cultures and outlooks. Use these mind expanding journeys to enrich your own vision for your life. Flesh out a plan that has been in the back of your mind. Setting things in motion will require that you be practical minded. Enroll in a course, if needed. Talk with a legal or financial profession. Loop your spouse or significant other into your planning at the start so you get all the necessary feedback to move ahead.

Take a short excursion to get some solitary musing in. It is time to let go of a mistake that’s been holding you back. Accept the lesson that the experience had to offer but don’t allow your past to determine your present or future. Clean shop and resolve tensions in a relationship so you can be more at ease and productive. Some unforeseen expenditures might be unavoidable as a renovation project gets underway. Don’t take any shortcuts or you could live to regret them. If you have insights or a special plan in mind, be ready to self-promote. Don’t be shy about talking up your ideas. You need to be able to sell your proposal to investors and supporters.

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