love - Horoscope 2021

A relationship in your life is suddenly winding down in 2021 but if you look back you would agree that you saw the red flags long ago, an honest conversation may repair things, but walking away from this relationship leaves you open to meet someone new. Do not stay indoors and wallow in regret, instead, get out and meet new people. You have a lot to give so wait for the right person, don't settle for less than what you want. New romantic opportunities await, you just need to be open and honest about what you want.

Your creativity will lead you to new ideas, but especially to new romantic possibilities, and you have every right to let loose and have fun, after all the restrictions you put on yourself up till now. So why don't you ask out that special someone on a date? You know you've had your eyes on them for some time. Let your confidence and charm shine. And one way of building them up is by doing some outdoor activity or sport to pump up your energy, so you can join a club or a recreational sports team. It would also help you meet new people.

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