Horoscope 2021

Have the courage to make a change, trust your gut and go with what you want. It is time to go out and get it. Yes, it's a gamble, but luck is on your side and the opportunity is right there. This is your time to have fun and enjoy leisure activities, but don't ignore the troubled friendship or relationship you have, work it out via conversation, but if it's time to move on, then let it go and find some new company, but be firm about boundaries and you will get what you need.

At work, you will have a new responsibility, follow your intuition and you can't go wrong, but submit to a father figure or mentor, he is a central part of your life this year, so you need to remain open to opportunities to which this mentor can connect you, that is how you get the new life experiences that you long for. But one necessity you must be watchful of is getting your finances under control. You might need some savings at the ready for a startup project so plan ahead. A to do list would help you stay on track.

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