career - January 17th - 23rd

The end of our relationship or connection spells the beginning of something new and exciting for you. Follow your gut and pursue a creative idea that's been on your mind. Be diplomatic in the workplace in order to avoid getting mired down in office politics and arguments. Look for new sources of enriching leisure. Let off steam with friends and loved ones. Interesting new possibilities await around the bend.

Now is an ideal moment to take stock of your life and your priorities. Settle scores, pay bills, make to-do lists. All this activity will give you a sense of direction and a feeling of accomplishment as well. Take things in stride. Your purposeful attitude will serve you well at work. Take care of your physical health as well. A visit to the doctor may be in order. Learn a new skill or cultivate a hobby. Others notice your work ethic and honorable activities and appreciate your talents and values. Be careful not to overextend yourself though. Make time for yourself and those dearest to you.

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