love - January 17th - 23rd

Children have a spotlight this week. You are full of creative insight now and ready to try out your new ideas. You're in a romantic mood and your inventiveness could go a long way to saving a relationship on the rocks. Entertainment takes centerstage this week as you revel in the company of friends or participate in a sporting event. Also make spiritual matters a priority. You are in the right state of mind to make a breakthrough. Be diplomatic in conversation, especially with your significant other.

It may be time for a change. Get ready to move in a new direction. Conflicting situations may necessitate a new path. Take a breath and step away from what's troubling you. Sort out your priorities now. Whether it is catching up on bills or putting the finishing touches on a project you've been picking at, tend to what needs attention. Attend to your health and well being. Romance will fall into place later once this necessary self care is dealt with. Your heightened concentration will be good for you this week. Get things done. Dot your i's and cross your t's.

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