love - May 2023

Hello, dear Virgo! This month, it's time to pack your bags and indulge in some travel. Don't hesitate to make use of any long-distance connections you may have as it will prove to be a positive experience. You will meet someone who shares your ideals and views, and you will have an enthusiastic and exuberant appeal that will spark a connection. Keep your heart and mind open as there will be the exchange of thoughts and feelings. It is time to explore your sexual desires and embrace sexual freedom, but remember to practice honesty. If you're feeling low or down, then stop thinking about the past and focus on the unique experiences that make you special, and you will experience a sense of rapture, growth, and a renewed desire for life. Just hold on tight as your future is brighter than your past, and as you redirect your attitude, your values will become stronger, and your eyes will open wider to new experiences. Embrace change, and you will emerge as a better and more confident person. Keep the faith, Virgo, the universe has good things in store for you, and it's time to welcome them with open arms!

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