May 2023

Virgo, this is a time for introspective self-assessment with a degree of honesty and objectivity. It's a good time to examine yourself minutely, take an honest assessment of your face, figure, health, and assets, and seek to implement a make-over where necessary. You're likely to find it hard to deny yourself anything this month, and there's a determination building up within you to alter not just your life or circumstances, but practically cast yourself in a new image. You're encouraged to connect this image to the way you want to see yourself, in terms of appearance, health, physique, attitudes, and mindset, all adding up to the quality of life plus lifestyle. Be careful, stress and neglect both need to be guarded against too. Establish good working relationships with colleagues, subordinates and bosses, but NOT a time to challenge the system. With great wisdom inside you, you'll find that others appreciate you for who you are. Your ambition and/or your desire to be acknowledged for your achievements will come to the forefront. It's a great time to schedule interviews, meetings, and discussions as you're clear-cut in your ideas and presentations. This is an excellent time to take a test or to do any kind of intellectual or mental work. Remember, events taking place now will have a great bearing on your future and will be long-reaching in their effects.

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