career - May 2023

Dear Virgo, as the stars shift, your focus is to be directed to the people around you and your relationships with them. This month, you will find yourself giving more attention to your loved ones- your significant other, parents or children. It is essential that they receive at least the same amount of time as you give to your professional contacts, if not more. It's because, at the end of the day, these people matter the most in your life. However, to be the best version of yourself for them, you need to have a grip on your professional life - so make the most of your people skills to forge strong relationships with your colleagues, superiors and subordinates. The month also holds several challenges. You need to be cautious of potential threats that could damage your business position. Stay vigilant and arise as a winner! This is a time when you need to communicate skillfully, despite the lurking negativity. Communication lies at the root of conflict-resolution, so ensure that your people skills enable you to deal with people tactfully. The support of your loved ones will help you to ride above gloom and doom. Close ties with them will leave you feeling comforted during difficult times. With them behind you, the negativity of others cannot get to you. This is a time to shift your focus from 'I" to "we" or "us". Of course, your needs matter, but the needs of others around you should be prioritized as well. If you work in the realm of client relations, this month will be especially busy for you as you engage in one-on-one interactions. We recommend you to devote an adequate amount of time to these relationships, as they are the pillars of your professional success. Stay strong, insightful Virgo. You have got this!

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