love - September 25th - October 1st

Scorpio, recent distress within your family or your partner's family has left you feeling vulnerable and in need of support. It may be necessary for you to seek help, whether it be through rehabilitation centers or hospitals, to address medical concerns for yourself or your loved ones. Take this time to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, but remember to do so in a constructive manner that avoids jeopardizing your relationship. Finding moments for rest and self-care is crucial during this period. Although it may not feel like it, you are moving towards a new beginning. Seek happiness through meditation, exploring spirituality, or even finding solace in romantic relationships. Your current circumstances call for quiet introspection. Take the time you need to truly understand your thoughts and feelings. Private matters weigh heavily on your mind, and it is important to examine the past without dwelling on it. Remember that you cannot change what has already happened. Practice acceptance and let go of any lingering guilt. Be realistic about your expectations and set reasonable goals that allow you to channel your passion productively. Patience will bring the rewards you have been eagerly awaiting within reach.

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