September 25th - October 1st

Scorpio, this week is all about maintaining focus and avoiding unnecessary conflicts in the workplace. Stay away from gossip and keep your eye on the prize because hard work will pay off in the end. Additionally, be aware of the competition, even from those who may not have your best interests at heart. However, don't let that deter you from giving your all. Take special care of those who depend on you, whether they are relatives, tenants, or even pets. Don't delay any necessary repairs or renovations, as investing money now will ultimately save you more in the long run. It's important to reach out to others if you're feeling overwhelmed or lonely. Opening up about how you feel will bring you greater peace of mind. This week, you'll find that your concentration and memory are enhanced, making it an optimal time to focus on personal matters concerning your family, friends, and loved ones. Family discussions or matters from the past may consume your conversations at this time. In order to achieve your best work, it may be necessary to seek solitude. Take moments to relax and concentrate. Honest and direct conversations will help you voice concerns about health or home issues. Expect a busy schedule with a full workload, so learning to manage pressure as it arises will be crucial. Remember, it's not about achieving perfection, but rather striving for excellence.

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