career - September 25th - October 1st

Scorpio, get ready for a transformative phase as you embark on a journey with a teacher or mentor that will open your mind to new educational and spiritual insights. Embrace this pilgrimage of sorts and allow yourself to gain a fresh perspective on life. However, before you can fully immerse yourself in this enlightening experience, take care of some pressing legal matters that demand your attention. Additionally, a loved one may be going through a health crisis, requiring your presence at hospitals or rehabs. In times like these, remember that being charitable and prioritizing the needs of others is always the right decision. Soon, your managerial skills will be in high demand as you navigate negotiations with non-profits or government agencies. It is crucial to maintain your sense of equilibrium during this period, and continue to balance the various aspects of your life. Take a step back and avoid involving yourself in other people's problems. Choose your words wisely, particularly when delivering bad news or expressing unpopular opinions. Focus on keeping the peace both at home and at work, making your personal goals your priority. The changes you initiate now will prove beneficial in the long run, so remember that spiritual growth outweighs material gains. Consider getting involved in charity or community volunteering, as it may be the perfect moment for it. In the midst of it all, find solace in moments of quietude, as they hold the potential to restore and bring productivity into your life.

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