love - June 2023

Scorpio, your sensual and earthy desires are in overdrive but under control, and everything seems to be falling into place for you this month. You can feel that positive energy radiating in your relationships and other areas of your life. You’ve worked hard for these rewards, so take a step back and enjoy them, you deserve it all. Staying in touch with authority figures can help you reach your goals, as recognition and added responsibility come your way. However, tensions may arise when it comes to managing others, so trust in your heart and take the lead. Your decisions will not go unnoticed as you stand out in evaluation and inspiration. Committed relationships offer stability, and if you're single, you may feel a bit insecure as one-on-one relationships become increasingly important. Some of you may even take on business partners or integrate work into your romantic life. Career matters may stress you out, but try to leave that at the office for a better love life experience. Overall, embrace the positivity and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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