career - June 2023

Scorpio, this month you will experience a surge of playfulness and inspiration. It might just be the perfect time to finally tackle that creative project you've been putting off, as you will feel free and unencumbered. While this feeling may come naturally to some, others may feel a bit out of sync due to a time when you were more conservative. However, your newfound spontaneity and willingness to take risks may surprise you. If you've been thinking of making a bold move like asking for a raise or inviting a colleague to a dinner event, now is the time to do so. You have access to many different things, people, and places that will pique your interest, so take advantage of them. While you shouldn't ignore your feelings, remember that being on top of the world doesn't put you above it. Confidence is good, but don't let it get to your head. Avoid high-risk behaviors, even if you feel invincible right now, as you are not superhuman. Instead, enjoy the simple pleasures close to home with responsible people.

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