love - May 2023

Scorpio, this period will bring a lot of busy work into your life, ranging from running errands, paperwork, staying in touch with your social network, and some much-needed socializing. Fortunately, your energy is high, so you will quickly adapt to the frenetic pace. Nevertheless, this is not a time to turn a blind eye to the people and situations that come your way. Listen to others and their ideas, no matter how different they are from yours, for you never know where valuable inputs may be hiding. Similarly, focus your attention on what truly moves you, as you may be underselling yourself and your abilities. Be mindful that your intimate moments and encounters with others may not come as easily as you would like, and you may be your worst enemy in letting these moments slip by. Reflect on what you want and how to get there, and do not let emotional anxiety distract you. Share your thoughts and ideas with those around you, looking beyond the surface for deeper connections. Likewise, if you're already in a relationship, it is time to take the next step and engage with your partner at a deeper intellectual level. Finally, let go of petty distractions and focus on the people and ideas that challenge and inspire you. Regardless of your relationship status, Scorpio, surround yourself with people who will nourish your curiosity, for only in that way can you continue to thrive.

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