career - May 2023

Scorpio, you must invest time and effort to improve your interpersonal relations. It's important to exchange deep thoughts and ideas with people, rather than getting lost in emotional exchanges. Your family and loved ones should be your priority now. Though social media sites like Facebook can help you stay connected with people you care about but can't see regularly, you must ensure that you don't ignore your vital correspondence. Be careful not to post anything that might embarrass you, as people around you can see what you say. You cannot afford to be careless during this phase if you want to achieve your goals. Expect to be busy with errands and paperwork which might take up most of your time. Adaptation to your immediate environment will also cost you a lot of energy. Your close friends, siblings, neighbors, and relatives are going to become major players in your life, so keep yourself open to spontaneous gatherings and meetings. Resist the urge to speak negatively or lash out with words that can hurt. Trust yourself, and you'll see that this period will help you develop stronger interpersonal relationships.

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