May 2023

Scorpio, this is the time to stand your ground and let your beliefs and convictions be heard. You will find yourself juggling a lot of financial matters, with a focus on both immediate needs and future gains. It is important that you take the time to think through your decisions, especially those pertaining to property, possessions, and investments. Though there may be profits to be made, avoid the temptation of fast cash or the quick buck, as it will ultimately lead to false security. Be mindful not to let pride or ego cloud your judgment when it comes to personal or career gains. Trust your instincts and move forward cautiously, keeping your own counsel whenever possible. While your mental activity may be subjective and egocentric, your approach to others is cheerful and intellectual, attracting new acquaintances and friendships. Your diplomatic skills will come in handy when conflicts arise, particularly over jointly-held possessions or money. However, be prepared for unexpected news that may lead to separation, calling it quits, or the break up of a business partnership. Keep a close eye on finances, as taxes, loans, insurance, and credit card spending may present additional concerns. Use this time to focus on long-term gains and investments, and let your beliefs guide you towards financial success.

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