love - June 5th - 11th

Dear Sagittarius, a change in environment is on the horizon, which will bring new excitement to your romantic life. Trust your intuition as you make significant life decisions. Meetings may revolve around contract negotiation, so tread carefully and be diplomatic in your interactions. Certain relationships may be reaching their conclusion, but do not fear this change; it is an opportunity to explore new paths and meet new people. Trust in your wit and creativity to guide you towards a special someone. Elders or spiritual guides offer valuable insights into this new phase of your life. Take care not to over-burden yourself; lighten up and enjoy all that life has to offer. Your co-workers are ready to lend a hand and praise your efforts. Even when feeling overwhelmed, be patient - things will eventually fall into place. Spend time with loved ones, offer help where it is needed, and invest in your own aspirations - you'll see positive results soon.

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