June 5th - 11th

Dear Sagittarius, it's time to tackle the relationship issue that's been bothering you. Use your creative abilities to come up with a solution that works for both you and your partner. It might also be time to show some extra love and affection or consider moving on. Trust your instincts as you make your decision. In the workplace, your leadership skills and talents are recognized. Enjoy the recognition you receive, which might lead to a raise or promotion. You might be called upon to assist family members of different ages, so use your creativity to find the best solution for everyone involved. Celebrate your recent successes with someone special and be prepared for a party, complete with music and entertainment. You deserve a little pampering right now. Take some time to relax and recharge before planning your next endeavor. Your positive attitude and resourcefulness will help you overcome any difficulties you encounter. Your efforts will lead to better personal relationships and stronger bonds with those closest to you. Take the time to cherish those who have been by your side in the past, demonstrating your appreciation and gratitude.

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