love - July 4th - 10th

Travel plans may be cancelled or delayed this week. A situation involving a family member or mentor causes you some stress or sorrow. Trust your significant other with a secret that has been on your mind. Don't suffer through a setback or humiliation in silence when others are ready to support you. The key to feeling heard is to be honest so make this a priority for your romantic relationship in this phase. You are looking for a sense of purpose and may find it where you least expect.

You are feeling soft hearted to the needs of those around you during this monthly cycle. Your perceptiveness allows you to pick up on subtle signs that others may miss. Exciting new ventures -- formal or romantic -- are in the beginning phase now. Make time with some meaningful one on one conversations with someone special. Share ideas and values with others, most especially with someone new in your life. Talking about what matters most to each of you will go a long way towards furthering your budding relationship.

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