career - July 4th - 10th

A loss or near loss of someone close to you causes personal upheaval in this phase. This setback, perhaps impacting a neighbor or sibling, may delay or cause the cancellation of travel plans. Don't dwell over on the past but instead work to process sorrows. Give voices to concerns and make health and wellness a priority. Consultants with an authority figure or financial expert would be useful for your planning now.

Engage in financial planning this week. Strategize some long term plans. Doing some research would be a productive use of your time. Follow your gut when you are dealing with others. Looking for non-verbal clues that speak to what they are truly attempting to tell you. Avoid gossip or sharing any private information. Money matters are of supreme importance now. Business considerations require your attention. Share generously with others. Let others join in your happiness and you will enjoy it more fully.

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