love - Horoscope 2021

Your romantic relationship is really at a crossroads. Which way do you want to go? Is your current partnership working for you or not? You need time to think this through and demanding some space for yourself is a fair call. Just make sure that you are honest with the people in your life as to why you are taking a break. Maybe talk to a therapist or someone smart and objective in your life to give you perspective. The most important thing is to know when you are ready to talk things through and when you need to walk away.

Maybe some charity work will bring clarity or making new connections beyond your usual social circle and outside of your own neighborhood would do the trick. And while you are working out this relationship, someone you haven't thought about much may pop up in your mind, perhaps an elder who has serious medical needs. Visiting them would be a good opportunity to display your love and devotion to this person but watch your health so that you don't break down, see a doctor and get enough sleep. This may take a while, but when it's over, communicate. And don't pass up the chance to tell someone how much they mean to you.

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