Horoscope 2021

Take some time for yourself, to focus on your goals, your plans, and how you intend to accomplish them. Your ambition is good, but you have to follow through and put in the needed work. So, if it means committing to a new course of study or a training of some kind, then do it so that you don't miss the opportunities in front of you, because if you miss them, you will regret it. Don't put off appointments or delay some needed self-care remedies. This should be your year of quiet reflection, to meditate and look inward and get plenty of rest.

You should also take the time out to connect with a grandparent or an elder who has wisdom to share. The insights you will gain will be immense. Also, be open to insights that arise in unusual forms, such as dreams. They will guide you against making any rash monetary decisions. But even if these insights don't come voluntarily, you can ask for them, communicate your needs clearly and honestly. This will tell the people in your life how much you value them, and how essential they are to your happiness, and they will understand when you say that you need some space.

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