career - Horoscope 2021

Accept the need for learning and growth. You are not falling behind. You are where you need to be. Don't let others' goals define you. You have your own plans for yourself and you are in touch with what truly matters most to you. That said, it is time to take a breather from pursuing the money. Study something new. Engage in some research, academic or spiritual. You could use a little time alone to recharge. Explore something outside of your personal norm. A new spiritual path may become appealing to you now, who knows? Don't write any idea off prematurely.

In fact, in this time of exploration, you may get your next big idea, but it is important that you process a complicated health issue, either yours or that of a loved one. So be aware that trips to the hospitals may be required. Stay confident that this phase will lead to new opportunities. There is good luck to be found in the strangest of places, so go over your plans over and over again, you may see it with fresh eyes and bring it more in line with your long term vision of your life, both professionally and financial status. Change is here and inevitable, so work to accept it and see the good in it.

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