love - March 20th - 26th

You feel empowered and happy about your physical self right now, maybe thanks to a new look or a splurge for jewelry or clothes. Relationships may need attention or repair though. You are feeling cut off from someone who occupies a pivotal space in your life, perhaps a sibling or colleague. A problem or illness affecting a mentor or father figure may cause delays to your travel plans. Your happiness in this phase is dependent on your ability to communicate effectively, especially with your significant other

Passion is running high and you crave new sensations. Have a sense of restraint when it is required though. The forbidden fruit may be tempting but it may be too soon to act. Why not take things to the next level? The prize is yours so you don't have to engage in the pursuit of it. Enjoy the first days of this new romance. You may not be ready to jump into full blown intimacy yet. Take time savoring one another's charm and attraction. Your reward will still be there when it's time to collect and you will still be at the top of the world. Confidence and kindness, coupled with humility, make you an unstoppable force now.

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