March 20th - 26th

Delays or cancellations may be inevitable this week in regards to some travel plans. A father figure or mentor may be experiencing some difficulty that you can offer assistance with. While helping others also speak up for your own happiness. Get in touch with your own strengths and limitations by doing some self assessment. The finer things in life may hold special appeal for you during this phase but excessive spending would be unwise. Enjoy food and conversation with friends and family. Reach out to a neighbor, sibling or a colleague in need.

Material gains of several kinds are more than likely now. Your values and faith in yourself will be reaffirmation. Enjoy the results of your hard work. The dividends you anticipated from well planned and executed moves may arrive even sooner than expected. But this is not a time for complacency. Be guarded at work, avoiding wrong moves or possible confrontations. Take care in your communication at home too. You might merit a raise of promotion or gain in terms of popularity or credit. A touch of diplomacy would not go amiss so avoid an overweening ego.

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