career - March 20th - 26th

Consult with an advisor, perhaps someone with unique banking knowledge, before you undertake any new initiative or project. You may find yourself seeking out new sources of income to supplement your earnings. Spend with real thought and care and try and balance your accounts as closely as possible. Travel plans may experience some complications or delays. Reach out to an advisor or mentor and express ideas and worries. Don't forget to make time for those closest to you, especially neighbors and relatives in need.

Rewards are coming your way in the form of some material gains. Take this as an affirmation of your worth and your hard work. People rely on you at home and at work and know you will get the job done. Kind work and dividends will both be coming in faster than expected. Look for a bonus or raise in the near future. Let go of ego and focus on the tasks at hand. Those who work hard will always be in demand and rewarded. Keep your pride in your pocket and charge full steam ahead.

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