career - August 8th - 14th

An accident, injury, broken devices, repairs or theft could pose a temporary setback for you at this time. If you are feeling weighed down by competition or gossip seek out some new company. Step outside of your usual social circle and do some networking. Joining a group or club could pay off big in terms of your professional aspirations. Use your charisma to endear yourself to dependents and bosses alike. Continue with your daily routine and your devoted work ethic and those who wish you well with come through.

You may feel pulled in different directions now. Others have competing goals for you, causing you some frustration. Your relationship may be causing you stress so keep in mind that you can't please everyone. Work on bonds that you can maintain and that offer you love and support. Working on giving as well as receiving in the relationships in your life. A relationship that feels over my really not be beyond repair if you address the problem now. Be genuine, speak from the heart and be ready to compromise. Remember that working as a team is the best way to guarantee success. No one can do it all single-handed.

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