August 8th - 14th

This is a time of monetary gain for you. It would be wise to use that windfall to pay off some debts that are on your mind. Make the most of new and existing relationships and do some networking to further your professional goals. Don't give in to worries about competition or enemies in the workplace. Instead, surround yourself with the many people drawn to your charisma. Take care while travelling to avoid theft or accidents. Keep in mind all those that depend on you. Stick to your daily routine and continue working hard. Success will soon be yours.

You may feel pulled in different directions this week. You may experience love and hate in equal measure so be prepared for this contradictory feelings to hit you at once. Relationships are pivotal now, both the making and breaking of bonds. A break-up or a separation may be avoidable if you are able to remain diplomatic and truly talk things through. Work to see others' viewpoints and handle matters with compassion. Work as a team and you will find success. The only meaningful competition that exists is with yourself.

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