career - January 10th - 16th

Contracts and legal agreements on repairs and construction dominate your time and attention now. You may find yourself called into meetings about worksite complications or new unexpected assignments. Make the most of the opportunities afforded to you, even unexpectedly. Helping out a family member, perhaps a maternal figure, may end up costing you more than you bargained. Do you best to keep the peace and make repairs after acquiring some additional know how. Read the fine print on any thing you buy to avoid a risky venture.

Prepare for gains on all fronts this week. Romance, perhaps even marriage, is a possibility. Your sense of creativity will put you in a positive position at work. Your communication skills help you build bridges with colleagues. Pitch an idea that's been on your mind. You're feeling adventurous so make the most of it. Look for interesting company and goad along some coworkers or friends who may just need some inspiration and encouragement. You don't need to rely on others to get things done. You have plenty of internal resources to draw on. Enjoy this week of productivity and pleasure combined.

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