January 10th - 16th

You find yourself in a new environment, perhaps because of a recent move, renovation or a sudden relocation. Fix what needs to be fixed. Take your time to adjust in the new setting. Legal agreements or arrangements need to be sorted out now. If you are not in a committed relationship, now may be the time to tie the knot. Tune out fruitless conversations or gossip. Happiness is attainable by attending to your own peace of mind around those closest to you.

You are full of creativity now and ready to share your talents with others. Communication with those around you will allow you to display your imagination and intellect. Family and romantic interests will also enjoy your good sense of humor which is now on full display. An exciting sense of adventures awaits you now. Some hold-ups may be before you, perhaps conflicts or complications with relatives, siblings or coworkers. You will find resources inside of yourself. When in need, reach out to others as well. Make the most of this fulfilling time. Inner happiness can make a real difference!

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