career - July 19th - 25th

Things at home may be suddenly stormy. Before taking on anything new at work, check in on the domestic front and sort out any serious issues. A raise or promotion for your recent hard work has you in a good mood. You are ready to get out and celebrate some. Try out new social groups or join a club or organization you've been wanting to connect with. Others will be drawn both to your insights and your charisma. This is an ideal moment for some worthwhile professional networking.

Real material rewards await you now. After all your hard work you can savor some overdue prestige and power. You are finally recognized for all the effort you have been putting in. Invest wisely; don't gamble away recent gains. Get rich quick is not a real possibility. Prevent a major loss by remaining sensible. Don't chase cheap emotional thrills. A peaceful stance at work will help resolve any conflicts at home as well. Being calm will see you through a turbulent but rewarding week.

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