love - July 19th - 25th

A recent breakup has put you in a bit of a tailspin. You feel cut off from your usual social circle and are ready to branch out. This is an ideal week to meet some new people. Display your charm and confidence and you'll find that those around you find you irresistible, including someone special. Networking efforts also go well, allowing you to hobknob some with a boss or authority figure outside your usual group. Be careful with worldly belongings of value to you to avoid loss or theft. Check in on relatives, on children and siblings especially, to see to their health and happiness.

Enjoy the results of all your hard work. A steady approach will continue to pay off, including at home where conflict could arise. Rather than leaping into what you desire, make decisions with care. You are full of ambition financially and full of passion romantically. You may not be looking for an actual commitment but you are ready to enjoy the thrill of the chase. Conflicts may intensify but can be defused by the right words and strategy. Leaning on your more spiritual side and your calm mind for guidance right now. The desired results will be yours if you do.

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