love - January 10th - 16th

A loss of a person or treasured object makes you see life differently. You are newly interested in joining clubs or just interacting with new people. Others are immediately draw to your charisma. Use this as an opportunity to network and maybe meet someone special. Avoid getting into trouble via vices or an unwise sexual liaison. Your search to find purpose and keep new company may lead to the opportunity to travel. Check in with family and be a force to help resolve any difficulties. Time spent with a mentor or teacher discussing spiritual beliefs would not be wasted.

Your social life is suddenly more active and the impressions gained there spill over to other parts of your life. Your newly refreshed attitude makes good decision making possible, for things in the long and short term. You'll have many opportunities coming into your life and what you make of them will be pivotal. Make decisions carefully as they will have lasting repercussions. Make time for romance and for spicing things up. With all the new stimuli coming into your life now, the most favorable in on the spiritual level. Feel it in your heart, care for it in your life and nurture it in your soul.

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