January 10th - 16th

An accident or loss may be weighing on you now. Your concerns may feel like they are falling on deaf ears. Work to redress domestic troubles by avoiding self destructive temptations and being truly attentive in your relationships. Others are now drawn to your charisma and ready to follow your lead. Branch out and join a new group or club. This would put you in touch with some meaningful new contacts. Don't dwell overly much on setbacks from your past. Instead, look to the opportunities before you. Good fortune is yours for the taking.

The activities of your social circle will now enrich your mind. Fresh new ideas and long term planning appeal to you. You may even have the chance to a trip. But much depends on how you use the opportunities that are headed your way. This is a profitable time for publishing, teaching and academic professions and communication. Long distance travel, even overseas, can contribute to greater mental and spiritual growth. This will be an ongoing trend, as this moment is the start of a spiritual awakening for you. Nurture it and it will, in turn, help you grow and probably even outshine everyone--in terms of both achievement and creativity.

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