career - January 10th - 16th

This is an ideal moment for networking. Jump into a fresh social scene and explore new professional contacts. Others will be drawn to your personal charisma and unique insights. Don't dwell over on the past and on lost relationships or contacts. This is the right moment to start thinking of your career future so be sure to take good care of your physical and mental health. Guidance might arise in strange places or from unlikely sources. Follow your gut. Your intuition won't mislead you now.

Your social circle will play a big part in your choices this week, perhaps more than you'd like. Input from others will give you fresh ideas and help you to expand mentally. Don't let others' opinions outweigh your own though. A trip, alone or with friends, could afford you new opportunities. Many people are vying for your attention this week so keep your priorities sorted out. Your intellect and spiritual strength will impress those around you this week. The support you offer to others now will eventually return to you. Your attitude now helps you outshine peers at work.

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