love - June 5th - 11th

Cancer, this week it's important to focus on diplomacy in your relationships. You may notice that you and your partner are not as in sync as you have been in the past. Before any potential break-up, it's important to talk about your concerns and open up a line of communication to move forward. You have a plethora of ideas to share in intellectual and romantic conversations, but you must let go of your ego to navigate this rough patch. Plan a special outing to bring you closer together, and offer help to your family or your partner's family in their time of need. However, it's important not to be too eager to commit or act extreme in love right now. Let things lie and go with the flow. Avoid insecure situations, don't overanalyze, and keep your passions in check, at least for now. It is essential to figure out yourself before figuring out how you pair with someone else. Sometimes, recognizing love is not always easy, so take time to appreciate what you have in your hands.

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