career - June 5th - 11th

Cancer, your creative energy is high and you're feeling ready to share your ideas with others. Make sure to communicate with care and attention, and you'll excel in sales presentations and work meetings. Don't shy away from professional differences or messy office politics - remain diplomatic and open to compromise. Financially, spend money on repairs and necessities, but before making any large-scale decisions, be sure to seek advice from an expert. Trouble with your significant other's family might come up, signaling changes in your relationship. Make sure to work hard at talking things through. Your home and family life will be a major focus for you, so invest in family harmony by putting in the effort and energy. Keep an eye on financial matters, as your loved ones are impacted by your career decisions. Take time to explore your family roots and heritage, and keep in mind that family is always your priority. A splurge to please relatives might be in your future, and that's okay, as long as you keep your family needs in mind. Remember that family always comes first.

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