June 5th - 11th

Cancer, this week presents an opportunity for you to seize the day, but it may require letting go of something else. As you contemplate making important decisions, bear in mind that a relationship decision may take the forefront. If you're not already committed, marriage may be in the cards. Take a moment for self-examination and reconnect with your inner strengths as well as areas for personal growth. Perhaps a new look or style will give you a much-needed boost. Even as you find yourself caught up in meetings and formal proceedings, remember to make time for those closest to you. Maybe it's time for a solo date with your significant other to rekindle that spark. Trust your instincts as you pick up on the clues around you. This week is particularly favorable for financial planning or trying out new strategies. Your discernment will serve you well in intimate conversations and controversies. Look inward and assess areas that need support to bring about positive change in your life.

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