love - Horoscope 2021

Single and looking for love? Then you need to let go of your ego. There is an opportunity for a new relationship before you, if you are currently uncommitted, you just have to forgive yourself for perceived imperfections. Stop looking so much at what you see as wrong with yourself and you will be able to aptly see what is beautiful in others, especially someone special. But if you are already in a relationship, it may be time to commit to growth. Define what you both want and move to a new level in your partnership. Sharing beliefs and spiritual outlooks could be a source of profound bonding. But in order to strengthen your bond more, you need to talk about important aspects of your relationship.

You need to draw up boundaries in your romantic relationship that make sense for you because you may be feeling anxious or under appreciated. But if you establish some limits in terms of your commitments to others, and invest more in yourself, you will see an improvement. You have been reliable and patient but it is time to make some demands on your relationships. Don't surrender your voice just to keep someone who wants to go, learn your lesson and move on.

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