career - Horoscope 2021

You're worried about something coming undone without hope for repair, probably a project that you've built. Be diplomatic. See how much of the damage you can salvage and go with your gut as you make a professional decision. And if it is a financial issue, then don't try to do it alone, Ask an agent or broker to help you resolve it, then get your mind off the troubles with some leisure time in the arts or via participating in sports. You've earned it.

You are looking at new career options and several possibilities have caught your eye. Entertain various options but don't get carried away, patience is key. Acting with haste could lead to a choice you will regret in the long run, so you need to be disciplined in your approach. Also, be realistic about your skill set. Remember that you might need to spend money to make money. So invest in some new interviewing clothes, and whatever will help you feel prepared on the job search, but be wise to draw up a budget so you can see how your money is being spent and how you can save some of it for a rainy day.

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