Horoscope 2021

2021 forces you to get serious about self assessment and you will make serious moves about the direction you want to go in your career and relationships. But you will also want to explore, that is not a bad thing, you just have to balance it with the responsibilities you have at home because nothing is accomplished without putting a lot of work in. So start inward and dedicate some time for spiritual reflection to keep yourself centered, check your habits and routines and let go of those that don't serve you well. These changes will inspire feelings of confidence and excitement which will in turn connect you with some new sources of income.

Although you may need to spend some money and learn a new skill to make this happen, stay the course because your success is within grasp. Do not rule out any life or career options just because they are unexpected, at first it could be complicated, but you will get the hang of it soon, just as you will pull through the relationship problems that are coming your way by talking things through. However, don't fail to walk away if the need arises.

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