love - May 22nd - 28th

Aquarius, this week you are feeling a desire to dive into a cause or activity that enriches your environment and distracts you from any recent losses or setbacks. Consider volunteering to repair or renovate around your own or family home, as giving back will bring immense satisfaction. Avoid any urges to indulge in risky behavior or infidelity, as it may lead to regret. Keep an eye out for complications during travel, and be prepared to devote time to a parent or caregiver who may require your attention. Creativity and confidence are high, allowing you to express yourself with ease. Let your imagination soar and indulge in romantic fantasies - the energy from this newfound confidence will attract attention from those around you, including someone special who may approach you. If you feel the chemistry, be bold and make a move. Surround yourself with like-minded people to reap the benefits of this positive energy. Let someone special touch your soul and fall in love again.

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