career - May 22nd - 28th

Aquarius, you may find yourself facing unexpected expenses this week as you need to make much-needed repairs or purchases. Make sure to read through any investments or contracts carefully and beware of hidden clauses that may cost you more than anticipated. Communication is key this week, especially during meetings with colleagues or authority figures. Avoid office politics and gossip to minimize stress and stay focused on your goals. Short trips are likely and can provide some much-needed recreational time. Your intuition is heightened this week, so pay close attention to those around you and offer rational advice if approached. This is a great time to strategize your life and engage in any research. Even though your finances are comfortable, your business may require some consideration. Remember to keep private conversations private, and share with others to enjoy extra happiness and good company. Be proactive when it comes to your finances, and you will reap the rewards in the long run.

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