May 22nd - 28th

Dear Aquarius, some exciting news is in store for you. As the stars align, unexpected money may come into your possession. It could stem from an inheritance you never saw coming following a death, so use this opportunity wisely. Save as much as you can for a rainy day and avoid self-destructive paths. Health should be a priority, so prioritize taking care of your well-being. Something from your past may resurface, reminding you of your roots, but don't get too caught up in nostalgia. Instead, branch out to new social groups and take advantage of your natural charisma at social gatherings. Network and talk to new people to gain insights into your future plans. Be open to a changing outlook on life and be positive without becoming headstrong, as the environment around you may shift. Listen to those around you and be open to their perspectives. Bonds in all kinds of relationships can be strengthened now, so take part in group activities and avoid going it alone. Working with others is a better strategy to achieve success. May the stars work in your favor!

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