love - January 30th - February 5th

An illness or setback impacts you or loved ones now. Work through your sorrow and stress by reaching out to your partner for support. A trip you planned to take may be delayed. Continue to look for a change of scenery in a different way, as the effect would be uplifting. Avoid channeling anxious energy into vices. Instead, look to spirituality or purposeful activities. Let go of ego and admit you need help, need be. The only remedy for feeling unheard is to speak up.

Romance may need to take a backseat now as you work to resolve some internal conflicts. Being a bit aloof wouldn't be a mistake now as you need some time and space to keep your mind sharp and unclouded. Set some goals and work out a strategy for reaching them. Feed your passions but keep them within for now. A positive outlook will earn you some allies in your efforts. An important relationship in your life may require some intensive TLC at the moment. Give as much as you can and be charitable. Make someone else's happiness a priority over your own.

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