January 30th - February 5th

A father or mentor figure may require your help this week. Health concerns may engulf. Turn to research to ease your mind and get more informed. Make smart monetary decisions and avoid vices. A change of location or rank may lead to some unexpected income. Happiness may be something you have to work at right now. Look for projects that capitalize on your personal strength and give you a sense of purpose. Remember that personal setbacks are inevitable but can serve as learning experiences. Travel plans may not go as smoothly as hoped.

You are working to stay even keel right now. Your efforts to stay focused and objective will pay off well. Be less vocal and keep a low profile. You don't want to get drawn into conflicts or gossips which would drain your energy and steal your focus. Changes initiated now will prove beneficial in the long run. Spiritual and intellectual gains come to you now. You are interested in all that is unseen and have intense compassion for those in need. You are in a quiet and low key mood, building up for days ahead.

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